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The Perfect Pot Design

 The bait box is positioned away from the sides of the pot to keep the bait active for up to three days. To eat any of it, the crays have to climb in.  Each pot supplied includes 20 metres of drop line and a commercial quality top float inflated and sent with the pot. Bait box design means you can use just about anything and the shape of the pot makes for easy stacking in even a small amateur pleasure boat.

Key craypot features

Kai Koura Craypots are a New Zealand manufacturer of cray pots for the recreational fisherman. These marvellous pots are designed and built to last. They stack easily within a small boat, have rounded corners to prevent damage to your boat and vehicle, and are galvanised preventing rust. The bait container is easy to use.

Why we catch more crays!

The throat is a robust heavy duty molded plastic entrance way (not a cheap plastic bucket). This slippery one-way entrance makes escape much more difficult.

The rectangular shape keeps our crayfish pot steady on the sea bed. Round pots or pots made from lighter materials often move around on the sea bed as the swells go by..unstable pots rarely catch crayfish!

Our crayfish pot's corners hold crayfish for longer as they seem to give a false sense of security, unlike traditional round pots which the crays tend to get out of after daylight.

Meets regulations

The bait box's lid is made of a special UV protected plastic and allows for clear display of your details as required by Fisheries Regulations. The pot's mesh and escape gaps are MAF compliant.

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