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Kia-Koura CrayMate: A new, safer way to lift cray pots

CrayMate is a new safer way to lift cray pots.No more winches or heavy hand hauling. A CrayMate consists of a strong top float with an air intake valve attached. 10m of air hose connected to a 100kg lifting capacity airbag attached to your pot. To retrieve your pot just connect a small handheld compressor to your top float intake valve to inflate the lift bag. Just like pumping up a car tire. Your pot should surface beside your Kayak/Craft in about 30 seconds.  A compensating valve on the airbag prevents overfilling and enables deflating before lowering your pot again. The whole unit fits neatly inside a Kaikoura Cray Pot.  CrayMate can clip onto and lift most other recreational pots.  Extra 10m lengths of air hose available if required.  NOTE:  Small compressor units not included.

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